Opening remarks from the chair

Annie Turner, Editor, Mobile Europe & European Communications

KEYNOTE: Telco to techco – redefining telco for the digital age

  • Understanding your capabilities, and your limitations
  • Identifying new partners who can help you take your offerings to market
  • Integrating advanced new technologies into business processes, data layers and operating models
  • Building out your ecosystem

Will Open RAN become the edge?

What needs to happen to make this possible? What would the advantages of this approach be?

PANEL: Does the converged services model really work?

Operators across Europe and beyond are keen to encourage customers to buy multi-service (TV, mobile, broadband, and content) bundles from them to encourage customer loyalty and improve their experience. But is this what customers want and how well are operators set up to provide converged services?

Overcoming the challenges for enterprises and industrial organisations of integrating operational technology (OT) and IT in a 5G world

  • Where are the missing links – such as gateway architectures or aggregator architectures – that could combine non-5G devices with 5G infra
  • What are standards bodies and operators doing to closes these gaps?
  • Most enterprises are using cloud-native technologies to build applications. How can those concepts be brought into the 5G ecosystem?

Comfort break

Delivering foundational SD-WAN capabilities

  • Limitations of legacy WANs
  • Evaluating the managed SD-WAN services opportunity
  • Ensuring scalability and service agility
  • Expanding market reach and developing new revenue streams

Automation and orchestration in the techco

  • How network automation is the key driver for 5G
  • How AI underpins automation… When will AIOps and automation become the same thing?

PANEL: The journey to cloud native

  • How to become low code, no code, no footprint, developer-centric
  • Deciding what legacy systems to migrate to the cloud
  • Leveraging containers, service meshes and microservices in a cloud native environment

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Transforming your network architecture and operations to support the journey to Techco

Andrea Donà, Chief Network Officer, Vodafone

Wrap up of day 1