Monika Nowak-Toporowicz

Monika Nowak-Toporowicz is the Chief Information and Technology Officer at Virgin Media Ireland, where she leads the Tech Solutions department, comprising Network Planning and Engineering, Service Excellence, Technology Operations and Technology Transformation.

Monika has been associated with the new technologies industry in Poland and around the world for 18 years.  She has over 10 years of management experience in the areas of development, delivery and maintenance of services, as well as project and program management in strategic areas of the organization.

In the first years of her career, she was associated with the banking sector in the areas of ​​network management and security. In the following years, Monika was responsible for the implementation of new bindings and the maintenance of IP, VoIP, DTV and other services for B2B and B2C clients at UPC Polska.

For several years, Monika has been active in the Technology in Skirt association, recognizing that we gain real value as people when we start to share what we have managed to collect. The association aims to promote diversity in the technological environment. The activities undertaken in the association support ambitious, talented, and valuable women in achieving success in the professional and private field. As part of her passion, she enjoys spending time with her two children who absolutely fascinate her and loves to see them change and develop. From her children, she learned how to be happy at every moment, forbearance, and the fact that sometimes you must give a chance several times. She believes that the combination of the mother and manager functions has a positive effect on both! In her spare time, she goes skiing, diving, hiking in the mountains and meeting friends. It is important to be active and have people you trust around you.